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*This is only meant as an outlet for my writing and telling about some of my life experiences and only represents my personal experiences or personal thoughts. This blog will be a continuation as an outlet for this. Thank you for reading.*


By: ©GoodLuckNow. 5/2/2022. All Rights Reserved  & Photo by Thomas Brenac

We have 1440 minutes in one day. Look at your days, we have our general schedule, work, children, carpooling to school, performing functional societal standards for a typical day. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of your family, working 8-10 hours a day or plus, etc. defines responsibilities we have. Would you consider this freedom? Choice? Do you find yourself feeling free? How do you delegate your time between wants, needs or what is necessary?

I think everyone at different points in life gets stuck, not in a formative sense really, but stuck in the norms of our schedule and demanding needs of time. Responsibility is inevitable but largely, “what we are supposed to do”, and “what we want to do” have an abundancy of disparities in how we manifest them into our day to day lives. The responsibilities we have that fill our time, that we have chosen are purposeful, for some even intentional. We very much daily make our lives what they are. We all get up and go to work to make money. We need it, for our lives, our children, our spending. Money, being the functional bread in society, makes this world go around and around and seems to be more of a necessity than anything else in our lives. Read that again. We all need money but what we all equally need is to be present in our time. You could even argue this is more important. What is necessary as well, and overlooked is our passions, the discovery of our passions, and feeling balanced. This can be quite a journey to obtain, maintain and sustain. However, the inevitability of the repeated is always there. Regardless of your job title, your net worth or income, and your responsibilities we still have choice and still have the same number of minutes as anyone else. As adults, we need to know ourselves again and remember we are truly at our best when we feel that within ourselves. From here, that is when the true magic happens, the true impact. The same feeling we once had about how happy that promotion made us feel or the magic of holding our kids’ hand for the first time, or that moment you knew you discovered the depth of love, we need to apply this same passion and pureness to more of our minutes. This is impactful. We already are impactful every day, even if we do not realize. Our actions, or lack thereof have cascading affects big or small. However, we forget one of the most sacred and crucial things about ourselves. Most could not wait to grow up, could not wait to have a lifestyle of our choice, to make life what we wanted it to be. We idolized this change from being young and surrounded with “have to” to dreaming of what we wanted life to be. Some would say we hoped, or some could have planned, and some could have been intentional at points. Regardless, 1,440 minutes is a substantial number that dwindles down naturally with many have to do items that we cannot fully control. We need to take some of those minutes back. We have 1,440 minutes a day, I challenge you to tip over your typical and make it atypical because you can. Start with 1 minute. You just need to choose, and this is not easy sometimes because of ourselves. We all must still go about all our schedules. Being more intentional and more present cannot just be something we strive for but unequivocally… need to do. This should be necessity for us all. Make this your intention, see the magic again, the same magic we believed in when we were young. We all have time on this world, and at the end of the day our socioeconomic statuses, the clothing we wore, the Instagram likes we have, will not matter. What is in your heart, what is in your soul and what you do with your 1,440 minutes does matter. We only have so many days. Start by just changing 1 minute, make it intentional, and take a deep breath. Realize the worth even one of those 1,440 minutes have. Regardless of where we are in life, our societal roles, our status, or our wealth, we all have the same number of minutes. Use them wisely.

Thank you for reading.

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